Articulated Tool Arm

Purpose of Articulated Arm

An Articulated Arm absorbs the torque reaction generated by the tool - eliminating the impact on the operator. It also allows for smooth, comfortable movement by the operator with a close to zero-gravity handling force.
A FlexArm Torque Reaction Arm is designed to counterbalance any tool weight. FlexArm has a Torque Arm to absorb any torque a tool puts out. A FlexArm Articulating Arms can move and lock material in place. Save time, reduce operator error and improve operations by using the FlexArm as a tool balancer. Our professionals can also design a custom arm to meet your specific needs.

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A single- or multi-spindle hand tool or fixtured nutrunner can be mounted to the arm using various tool holder options. Different tool holders can be selected to provide an optimized solution for each unique application. A range of modular, easily-adaptable accessories are also available to complement the offering. The primary components that comprise the Articulated Arm are the Pillar and the Arm assembly (consisting of shoulder, boom, elbow, parallel arm and hand flange clamp). The pillar can be securely mounted to the floor or to an overhead structure. The arm can also be mounted to an overhead rail system via a trolley carriage for more flexible application requirements.

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