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Purpose of Poka Yoke

We overcome the inefficiencies of inspection through the use of automatic devices called Poka Yoke, these seek to do three things
1.Not accept a defect for the process
2.Not Create a Defect
3.Not Allow a Defect to be passed to the next process.
They do this in a number of different ways but can be categorized as being either;
1.Control : They take physical action to prevent a defect
2.Warning : They sound an alarm or light up to tell us a mistake has been made.

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Poka-yoke can also be applied to service-based organizations. The following is summarized from the paper "Using Poka-Yoke Concepts to Improve a Military Retail Supply System," which was printed in Production and Inventory Management Journal. While manufacturing typically only considers errors made by the producer, service industries must consider errors from both the server and the customer. Additionally, service organizations interface in many different ways to transfer a service to the customer. Because of the possibility that service errors can be created by both the customer and the server, service poka-yokes are grouped into two categories: fail-safing the server and fail-safing the customer.

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